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Feb 21, 2019
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Upstate, NY
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Need to make room in my basement, I was going to put this up on Facebook marketplace, but figured I'd put it up here first. This was my first table build I did a few years ago, so it's by no means perfect. But it's worked great for me.

A couple of notes:

- I miscalculated how much foam I needed for the rail, so I had to piece together one end of the table, somewhat unsuccessfully. There's a section, about 10", that has some foam bulge and some spots with no foam, so you can feel the wood through the vinyl.

- I also miscalculated the amount of vinyl need for the rail, which is why there's a seem in the middle on each side.

- The racetrack has some imperfections, most notably some scuff marks from when I was hammering the playing surface in with a rubber mallet. I think these can be buffed out, but I never tried.

- This has no legs. I sat it on top of a 6' folding table which worked fine for my purposes. The table is pretty heavy, so it never moved. You could easily attach legs to the bottom if you wanted.

- The playing surface used 1/2" foam.

The main picture of the table makes the color of the racetrack look very red. The other pictures are a more accurate reflection of how it looks in person.

If anyone's interested make me a fair offer, thanks!


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