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Oct 2, 2022
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North Idaho
I added a drawer to my poker table like many others here, and figured I'd share what I did for reference as when I was looking into it all the pictures and discussion here helped me figure out what I wanted to do. I kind of did this as a temporary proof of concept, as I'm building a new table soon and will end up doing a better job permanently mounting it to that table instead of this old secondhand one.

I used this video (thanks @Lancew09!), as well as many other posts here (including this one), for inspiration. I ended up buying 2 drawers and returning one. The first drawer I mounted was closer to what most people have used here (deeper, squared edges), and the other shallower drawer is the same one he uses in this video. Ultimately I kept the one he uses in this video. I liked it more because it was shallower for sitting underneath it, and the front edge being angled makes it look a lot cleaner mounted under the table and it's less likely to snag you by accident.

I had to do something odd with mine in order to get it to mount, as I had a metal bar on a previously made table to work around. I mounted wooden bars to offset the actual drawer off the table itself. I used t-nuts like he did in the video which is nice for taking the drawer off and folding the table down.
Original Poker Table Drawer 1.jpegOriginal Poker Table Drawer 2.jpegOriginal Poker Table Drawer 3.jpeg

In the deeper original drawer I mounted, regular chip racks will work. See the pictures I attached showing how many fit.
Original Poker Table Drawer 4.jpegOriginal Poker Table Drawer 5.jpegOriginal Poker Table Drawer 6.jpegOriginal Poker Table Drawer 7.jpeg

Inside the shallower drawer that I ended up with, regular chip racks are too deep. He uses Apache racks, which I tried out but didn't like that as much. I cut down a 10 row plastic chip tray to use and it works out great as it sits really low and allows easy access to a lot of chips in the front of the drawer. I also had to cut out a section for the lock. After cutting down, it fits 10 rows perfect side to side, and fits much more cleanly in the drawer than multiple chip trays. I also added a piece of wood underneath the back of the tray to raise it level. 39mm chips just *barely* fit in the drawer like this, it's perfect.
Shallow Poker Table Drawer 1.jpegShallow Poker Table Drawer 2.jpegShallow Poker Table Drawer 3.jpegShallow Poker Table Drawer 4.jpeg

Hope that's helpful to anyone looking to do this same thing, happy to answer any questions if you have them!
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