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Jan 18, 2019
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Hey y’all,

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy poker strategy books. I will be updating this thread with some of my favorites.

I’ve purchased most of these books and have the paper copies. I recommend you do the same and attack it with a highlighter and post it notes. Without further delay, here we go!

*** I will try to add a couple books a week, this is as much sharing as it is a nice place for me to keep all my travel readings in once place. ***

8/26 Edit:
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-Updated details on Grinders Manual.
-Updated format.

Title: The Grinders Manual
Author: Peter Clarke
Year released/published: 2016
Format: PDF
Focus: 6max, online

I’ve read for a while that this was a “must read” poker book. Being primarily a live player, I avoided it for a while. Recently, I have it a go and here are some of my first impressions. When I give it a second read, i’ll update.

-I cannot stand the format. I’m not sure if it is just on my phone but it makes it taxing to read. Almost every other line of text needs hyphenation.

-A good portion of this book is not relatable for many people who do not use HUD’s. So if you’re playing live or on a site that doesn’t support popular HUD software, you’ll likely skip a portion of this text.

-I disagree with some of his calling ranges. But then again, he’s probably 10x the player I am so take that with how you will.

-I don’t really dig the 6max focus. If I ever have a choice of full ring or 6max, I’m picking full ring every single time. The home games I play in are always heads up or full ring.

-Piggybacking off my previous note, if you struggle with full ring aggression, you may want to give this a read. While I wouldn’t recommend making it your end-all-be-all full ring strategy, it can really help you break out of passivity.

Title: No Limit Hold ‘Em Theory and Practice
Author: David Sklansky, Ed Miller
Year released/published: 2006
Focus: General small stakes theory (1/2-5/10, 100bb). Live.

Title: Playing the Player
Author: Ed Miller
Year released/published: 2012
Focus: Going beyond “level 1” thinking.


Title: The Course
Author: Ed Miller
Year released/published: 2015
Focus: Crushing 1/2-5/10, Exploitative strategy focused.


Title: Hold ‘Em Wisdom for All Players
Author: Daniel Negreanu
Year released/published: 2007
Focus: “Tips and Tricks” focused. Skip around style. Many tournament concepts. Live.
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This is great! Watching!

I love your notes, they are extremely helpful. I hate leafing through poker books to try to figure out what they are focused on. Also helpful would be a note if they focus on a game other than NLHE (for example, Skalansky & Miller wrote a lot about limit hold’em). Would also be all ears to any opinion you had about the book.

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