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Feb 28, 2022
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Hi fellow chippers
I'm thinking about the evolution of poker. From the river dampers in Mississippi to today's hooded GTO wizards. Which landmarks do you think are important?
-Benny Binion and the beginning of the WSOP.
- Rounders like Amarillo Slim, Saylor Roberts and Dolly?
- Stu Ungar
- Heads up battle between Johnny Moss and Nick the Greek
- Internet poker
- Hole cards
- WPT broadcast
- Chris Moneymaker
- two + two forum
- Harrington on Hold'em
- Etc

What landmarks do you think I'm missing?

Honestly, I think we will see the rise and boom of poker vlogging as just as consequential as many of these as well. It’s probably true that more poker content is consumed today than at peak ESPN.

The proliferation of grey area wildcatting Texas card rooms resulting in massive rooms like The Lodge, which basically dwarfs every room on the Strip, also feels like an important landmark.

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