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Jan 5, 2024
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Is there any designers in here? I wanted to create some custom chips using like a marvel theme I was hoping to work with someone or join in a bulk buy
I seen a super Mario set that was awesome and wanted something similar but with marvel
Welcome aboard. Check this out if you haven’t already:

If your‘re looking for a total custom job there are plenty of designers here. Depending on how much and how directly you will be borrowing from Marvel, there might be some designers who are uncomfortable working like that. Also, some chipmakers might refuse to do the work if it’s too close to the copyrighted material. Obviously, there’s a lot of things here that come really close to the line but don’t step over.

If you’re looking for something that has that general theme, maybe check out the Group Buy section. People frequently run buys on things not unlike this..

as far as actual designer recommendations, I’ve done a couple of project with @timinater and he is the business though he will sometimes have a waiting list.

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