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Royal Flush
Aug 2, 2021
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Who has some crazy good feedback? I just saw @Jeevansluck is 194-0. Damn impressive chippin' right there north of the border. Who else has some silly high scores?

It be cool if The Chip Room or any selling vendor offered exclusive sales based on some PCF metrics. Feedback score, posts/reactions, tenure etc...


Also FYI to new members, to earn a positive feedback, you must have a message/reply in a sales classifieds thread with the other member you wish to give feedback. A private PM transaction won't offer the ability to later give the seller/buyer a positive rating.
Take these numbers as the low end, too. Some persons don't leave feedback after a deal has been done. Also, some are/were site vendors at some point, and feedback isn't possible when under that designation. Private sales/trades without an ad are also excluded.

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