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Nov 22, 2018
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ALRIGHT! I said we'd go with whatever the top 3 or 4 ideas were, but you guys made it easy and voted straight for some old school awesomeness. Since it was a lot of the same people voting across all three, do we want to throw out some ideas and see what sticks?

We have the following:
Old Casino/Gambling Theme - I don't know what everyone is thinking here. There was an idea for a classic like Lucky 7. Do people want to do a set around a specific casino from the hey day?
Fictional/Historical Location - This seems pretty open ended, anyone have an idea that will blow everyone away? We had mentions of famous speakeasys and such. Timinater had a pretty damn interesting historical location, https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/arctic-brotherhood-hall. Anyone else have a location in mind where a cardroom would've worked?
Las Vegas Classic Locations - I think this was pretty straight forward, working a different classic casino location into each denom, while maintaining the overarching theme. Someone pitched maybe using the various casino's own mold from back when and milling/murdering. Could be fun voting in which ones to use, may take a little bit of time to hunt them all down though.

Please submit your thoughts so we can pick an idea and start running with design options, labels, and chips to buy or CPC mockups! I've already contacted designers, so hopefully everything is rolling!

@pltrgyst @liftapint @MrWitti @asam2006 @detroitdad @Pinball @Psypher1000 @ReallyGoodUsername @Kid_Eastwood @Coyotesetter @danopoker @Saoliver @WhiteMamba1646 @Chipandchair @asian bino (tried @ing the people that voted for multiple of these, get some thoughts/ideas out there on what you'd choose, or any additional directions to take the above ideas). Anyone's ideas are welcome of course! Jump in PCFer!
Pinging some folks that might have ideas. Will report back later.

The one that comes to mind at the moment is The Copa Room at the old Sands. Lots of big names played there back in Vegas' heyday.

You have a picture ?
They did a nice job on the Miami Heat Jersey "city" collection also.
damn, I just thought of an amazing set idea, a Dune themed set. (no, not Dunes Casino, Dune the book)

since the labor movement set was never counted tee hee
I found myself driving on “Burnt Tavern Road” the other day and though it was a cool name for a set. Maybe "Burnt Tavern Inn"

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