PAHWM: 2-7 Triple Draw


Full House
May 23, 2017
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Burnsville, MN
Good check before draw 3. You probably don't have any fold equity against the one card draw like you said. I think pitching the six is pretty automatic too. If villains were both drawing two (somehow) then I might consider patting and bluffing the river, but that really only makes sense if you bet before the draw.

Catching the nine makes this a pretty obvious call on the river, no point in raising unless you think you could get SB to lay down an 8 and you think you have BB beat. Otherwise I am generally not a fan of raising medium strength with action behind in this game. Better off hoping for a loose overcall than a call of a raise from BB. You could think about calling with a ten here too, but that's much tougher with a player left to act especially.

I think the end of this had was pretty straight forward. The debate is clearly over the initial draw.
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