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May 10, 2023
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Jacksonville, Florida
We'd go Large crown if we could but we'll switch if it means we don't have to wait 10 months. Inspired by our old set and basically taking it in whatever direction we wanted. This I would say would be the "Beta" for our final design. We're pretty happy with it.


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Cool inlays and Nice color matching! But that is a lot of DG pink and blue, does these colors hold any value to the group or do you just like them ☺️
we normally wouldn't go so bright it's just that the default colors of CPC look really really dull and dark. our original set is Le Paulson Noir but we can't get any more and we also decided to go custom the green and the black are designed after the noires the others we just like the colors that pop
apparently, I'm the artistic one, but my wife is really good at Photoshop compared to me she spent a lot of time figuring out how to get what she wanted
my concern is that many colors are used again and again. It is possible to create a bright set without using DG pink and blue in all chips.

This is coming from a kind place as these sets are not cheap, if you love it then ship it. But sometimes chips feel brighter with darker edge spots. Using these base colors
I see that you are newer member, do you have color samples? Do you have them oiled?

Dg Tiger is also a nice bright color but the hue is similar to DG pink in stacks so they don’t always play well together as main colors. Your 1000 can get lost in a stack of 500 for example and might create dirty stacks

I hope you don’t feel I’m dissing your design I’m just trying to help ☺️ there are many other members that would happily provide feedback and you can look at a lot of design threads to see that we generally aim to not use the same colors again.
I definitely appreciate it. The community is very friendly and considerate. The discussion as well received just so you know, I was more or less showing the original inlay that my wife came up with we're still playing with the edge spots. I think we're married to the base colors though.
So if you see our original set was Paulson Noir, we wanna leave the edge spots on the black because that's basically duplicating our set that we've played with for over a decade. The green 25 chip definitely one of them yellow the other I'm up in the air. The Pink chip definitely sticking to since greens will not be on in play during their use. We wanted the 1000 chip to have a touch of the previous denom and the later denom but we can see how it becomes repetitive. *nod nod* gonna explore, definitely open to suggestions
still working on the 1000 chip, changed the 25 to your suggestion, too much pink, modified the 500 to add Tiger and purple to avoid repeating green on 3 out of 5 chips. in fact its just like the one you did. Made the arc yellow large edgespot a dayglo yellow and then the two corrosponding chip colors on it, still thinking about it suggestions?


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Seriously thanks for all the yelling, screaming, vicious criticisms, and evisceration of our taste. (sarcasm) I think we're at this right now let me know.


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It feels as though you are forcing it, I think you should spend more time looking at sets to see how they mesh.

You'll also find suggestions to wait about a year before you pull the trigger on CPCs as your preferences will change dramatically within the first year, while you see what you like, what is meh to you. Meetup are also a great thing to do to find your way.

I would wait for the LCrown, its worth it.

Some unspoken guidelines would be:

Don't over use or even reuse colors on chips
Have a story or progression with inserts
@Ben8257 told me 'The large denom should be exciting when it comes out on the table' (this typically means the brighter color or more complex)
you want to have a lot of contrast in your base colors
White base should either be 1 or 100

The method I use when trying to put together a set is, I start with several base chip options, some times that will change later in the mock up progression because of inserts but its a good starting point.

Cali (.05-100)

Vegas (.25-100)

Designing around a specific chip:

as far as the molds, we have a few favorites I'm not gonna settle for one I don't like the large crown is one of the ones we like there's like three or four of them we would be happy with.

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