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Jan 30, 2015
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It has been QUITE a while since I've had to purchase chips. Years (and I do mean YEARS) ago, I bought the NexGen River Poker Tour Edge Spot chips. They were/are a magnificent composite chip for the price. (I cannot afford clay chips) Recently, I've attempted to add to this collection as my game has begun to grow exponentially.

I've since found that they no longer make this particular chip. This is rough because I just needed about 50 red chips and 100 yellow chips to get where I need to be. But alas, not happening.... Sooooo, I figured I would try a different Nexgen chip. But can't see to locate ANY Nexgen chips, period.

My question is this; who made Nexgen chips? Did they go out of business? Any underground places where I could find such chips?

And, if not, is there another chip on the market nowadays that is comparable in both quality and price???

Thanks in advance guys....
I appreciate the help, but these are all sold out. The links are old. I've been trying for days. If you attempt to add any of those chips to the cart, it only gives you an error message. There are some others out there too that pop up and say "out of stock."

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What was the price you paid for them?

At the time, they were about .37 per chip....
IMO your best bet is to post a WTB to see if anyone has any they are looking to unload.

Alternatively, china clays are a popular option for those not looking to drop a large chunk of change on a big set.

Good luck!
Yeah, that's why I'm here. Posted it to the forums on and a guy sent me a link to this site. I'm posting my 10 so I can post in the classifieds here.

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I'm hoping that someone had the same chips I have and upgraded. Maybe someones got some that are collecting dust somewhere....

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