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Nov 21, 2022
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Highland Village Texas
I’m a new member here from Texas. My husband and I have enjoyed playing for the last 20 years or so. And recently had a home game league started. So we pulled out the old chips he bought forever ago that we really didn’t use because we moved shortly after the purchase. And found out from one of the guys at our league that they are pretty high end chips not to use them for our drunken tournament league so I’m just here to do some research. I look forward to finding out more!
Welcome to PCF! IMO, poker chips are meant to be used. We use “high-end” chips all the time. Just use them on a proper poker table and they will be fine. If you post pics of your chips, you can get some good info from the members here. Good luck on your search.
Hey Tony, thank you for your response! So we do have a second set of chips that are actually pretty damn nice as well. And we have a lot more of those chips between 2,500 and 3,000 of them. So we use those instead. Like I said it’s just a fun drunken home tournament league, like very drunk!!! So we figured we would use the secondary set. I would post pictures but I thought that was against the rules? Once I have been a member for longer I think I can. I am interested in finding out more info on the secondary set as I have no clue about them.
This is the nice set

These are the ones we use, that I’m trying to find info on
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Thanks! We were pretty surprised to find out about the Paulson chips. I slightly remember bitching him out for spending about $400 on the set. If only I knew then
Oh, we all feel the same...if only we had bought 40 million of them them back in 2006. :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:

Welcome to the madness!
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The second set I have seen here before, they are a type of "China Clay" chips that usually sell for $.10-.20 per chip. The Pharaohs are from 2005ish when Paulson made some chips for the home market for a brief time on the paulson chips mold. They can sell for $2-$4 per chip based on demand, denomination, and condition.
Welcome to the board,

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