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Apr 11, 2020
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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hi everyone! New to the site but not new to chips. I used to lurk and occasionally post on chiptalk back in about 2006.

I recently grabbed my 2 sets out of storage where they have been sitting for about 10 years and I am hoping i can put them back into usage once the quarantine goes away.

One of my sets is a 500+ pc ABC Gifts ceramic set, the Horseshoe series set up for a STT.

My other set is a massive ~3700 pc faux clay set. I bought this about the time that the yellows and oranges were going out of stock because I ended up with 10 yellows and 40 orange ones.

Anyway getting the chips out of storage gave me that itch again, so I am really looking forward to playing cards and growing my collection. I live in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota.

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