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Jan 23, 2024
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Hello Everyone,

I'm a new member here, but have been playing poker for a few years now. I'm thinking of getting some friends together for some home tournament games, and would love help from people more familiar with building chip sets on building the following for 8 to 18 person home games with 10,000 starting stacks.

I would like 25 Stacks with starting stacks set up like this:
8 * 25 chip 200 25 chips total
8 * 100 chip 200 100 chips total
4 * 500 chip 100 500 chips total
7 * 1000 chip 175 1,000 chips total
50 5,000 chips for mid game chipping up

Grand total - 725 chips

I would like to find an economical way to get that many chips, and would love to hear opinions about clay, composite etc. My budget would be around $400, but cheaper allows me to continue eating fast food, so that's always good as well :D.

Thanks in advance for any help
Hello Welcome!
Starting stack 8/8/6/6/2?
For budget friendly chips (does take a while to come in) check out the monthly group buy
Check out Apache poker for other budget friendly chips with faster shipping.
Additionally you can check out the classified for some nice deals as well, however this may not always fit your breakdowns.
Happy hunting and good luck!
A 600 chips breakdown for

20-player T25-base tourney set (8/8/4/7/x):
160 x T25
160 x T100
80 x T500
140 x T1000
60 x T5000

So you have about 75c / chip budget, your choices are Tina Ceramic to BR PRO / Sunfly Ceramic, China Clays and also more budget-end Solid Clay as well.

U also can get lower end Plastic Sluggers too but i will suggest getting/borrow some samples for the above if you could.
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With that budget for brand new chips you can get some good chips, a few types-

China Clays
Tina Ceramic
BR Pro Poker Ceramics

Id suggest you get at least one sample set of each and go from there. Good luck.

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