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Jul 27, 2015
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Found these on CL and grabbed them up. It seems like it would be hard to build this into a playable set, but they sure are fun to have. Any idea the value? Or where I could find more? Maybe $5's


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Yeah, these are Paulson fantasy chips. They look to be in great shape too! You can easily build a "mixed" set around these, but if you want Scandia Casino $5's, you will have to be on the look out for $5's on eBay or post a "wanted to buy" ad here on PCF.

Welcome to the forum!
Nice find on CL. It's hard to find them sometimes especially at a good price. Good luck building your set and welcome to the forum.
A set of those sold on eBay last week - 300 chips for less than $750 (best offer). So lets guess $2.25/chip.

No doubt you got a lot better price, Grats!

Welcome sir. Fear for your wallet, but it will be a glorious ride if you want it that way.


Consider that your "ONE TIME"!

Awesome deal on some sweet chips.
Nice score. I happen to use those as my singles for my mixed cash set. Nice chips. I bought them a few years ago for a hundred a rack. Building a full set (adding on $5, $25) will be hard to find... and expensive. I would recommend selling them a rack at a time and using that money to buy a full set during the next chiproom sale.

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