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Apr 8, 2014
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Ottawa area, eastern ontario
Taught I'd share my latest build.
its for a friend and it's my second attempt at an oval.

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Just noticed how dusty that felt looks.
Racetracks always make for a better looking table. Play can suffer somewhat as chip-stacks topple on the transition or a player needs to reach further because chips are kept off the track, and you cannot shuffle on a hard track, and the cupholders become chip catchers/hiders.

But since I'm not playing on this particular table, I think you did a bang-up professional job! Great work!
Looks like a flawless rail! That's the hardest part. Congrats and good luck with your new table!
I've got two ideas for my left over vinyl. One that I will keep to myself until I finally build one (and of course share it here) and the second is to put a friend of mines industrial sewing machine to work in making rails for my octagon tables.
Personally find racetracks exceptionally great looking and exceptionally impractical to play on. If they have to be included, cup holders in the rail for me.
I haven't built cup holders in the rail yet. A little worried about the process, but it's on my to do list at some point. I think one of my personal tables I will give it a shot.
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