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Jun 19, 2014
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I have a set of casino Paulsons, mostly for single table T1000 tournaments. I have about 400 $5, 88 $25, 95 $100 and 20 $500 (and 100 $1). I feel like it could use another 100 $25s, but it might be easier to just buy two racks of another $25 chip. What do you think would work well with the other chips? I'm only really interested in casino used RHC.

I have 20 of those St. Jo $25s. How's the availability and price? The only downsides are that the spot layout matches the $5s (I'd prefer some variety) and they're pretty minty.

I also have 20 of these $1s for bounty chips, and a Terrible's ceramic DB, so it's not completely unrepresented.

Those were sort of on my radar. How much wear do they typically have, and what color are the spots in person? They look kinda beigey on the screen, which doesn't thrill me.

They are brighter in person than on the screen. The wear is similar to the Grand Vic 25's
As I was reading down the thread, I was thinking Par-A-Dice and then smiled when I saw iblonger's suggestion. I agree, inexpensive and perfectly broken in. They shuffle as smoothly as any chip I own.
How much were the Par-a-Dice $25s from Jim originally? I recall them being under $50/rack. I can't find them anywhere near that right now. Am I off on the price?
I think they were somewhere around 29 cents a chip. Did you check with Jim to see if he has any left?
Great advice everybody! Just got my 2 racks of Par-a-Dice $25s and a complete sample set from Jim. The spots are very nice in person and different from what I thought they were going to be from the pics. The bright spot is much more orange that I realized. Great look with the GV $5s.
I would get 200 more GVs 18 Player 20/16/5

Chip seem to be hard to come by but 000s of GV $25s are out there at the right price

Edit Paradise are nice also nice buy

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