Never seen this aluminum cases before, thoughts? (1 Viewer)

I'll pick up a 500 count and let you know how it is, I have been looking for a travel case. I'll order a 1K too if it's any good, I think the price on them is reasonable.
Also interested. Would appreciate better photographed case pr0n, too.
I got the case today. I think it's a pretty nice solution for 500 chips, but the quality is definitely much lower than you would get out of a Pelican or similar, so I won't be springing the $80 for the 1K. Not much more expensive to get a higher quality case and add my own racks.

For 500 chips, I would be willing to travel with this as a carryon for sure. Feels pretty solid, definitely better than the cheap cases (and I have even flown with those). I think it's a you-get-what-you-pay-for situation. It's much higher quality than the $25-35 top opening 600 chip bird cages. But still, $50 is a pretty cheap solution if you are trying to find supreme protection. It is definitely not top of the line so it does not really fit that bill.

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