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Mar 3, 2024
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Hypothetical scenario: Playing heads up. Big blind is $100. My opponent acts first and bets $100 after the flop. I min raise by betting $200.

If my opponent wants to re-raise, what's the min raise, here? Is it still just $100?

Seems weird that the min raise doesn't go up in that situation. Assuming we both keep min raising, the bet would just be $200 every single time, over and over, ad nauseam, right?
Yes, if neither of you decided to think rationally and instead bet the minimum each time, you would be betting the minimum until death do you part or the stacks of chips ended! Its not doubling the bet, its doubling the amount you raised by. So, yup, after raising the bet of $100 to $200, someone can repop it another $100 to a whopping $300. Its not weird that the game works that way, its weird that you would both choose to be betting that tiny amount. Behavior problem, not rules problem.

That's limit poker; even some no-limit games can cap the number of times a player can raise, but its rare.
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Its not doubling the bet, its doubling the amount you raised by.
Technically... :ROFL: :ROFLMAO: It's not doubling the amount you raised by. It's increasing by the amount of the last bet/raise.

So OP, it's an opening bet of 100, then a raise of 100 to 200, reraise of 100 to 300, etc. If someone then goes crazy and reraises by 150 to 450, the next min raise is now 150 to 600, and any subsequent raises in this betting round cannot be less than 150.

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