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Mar 26, 2013
Wilmington, DE
More Key West Stats:

Occasionally, we offer some statistics about the Key West Resort & Casino chips. The first Key West chips were produced by Apache Poker Chips and ASM in September, 2004. I don't know exactly how many chips were produced in that first run by ASM and Apache.

I acquired the Key West design from Josh and Apache on July 11, 2011.

In October, 2012, the Continental Card & Game Company was formed in Delaware to sell the chips. Since then, we've sold Key West chips to more than 250 collectors in the United States and 21 other countries.

Key West facts:

  • Total Key West chips sold by CC&G Co.: 22,123
  • Total "face value" of those chips, if they were real: $17,543,356.15 (Our inventory system keeps track for us.)
  • Those chips would make a single stack 230 feet, 4 inches high. That's roughly the height of the former Playboy Hotel Casino in Atlantic City. The stack would weigh in at roughly 500 pounds.
  • The company has sold 1,429 blue $1 chips at face value -- $1 each. We continue to hold $1,429 in cash to pay out if any are ever returned.
  • Number of Key West blue $1 chips cashed in so far: 0
  • All Key West's blue $1 chips have been made by Classic Poker Chips.
  • We've also sold just under 1,700 Key West roulette chips
  • One Key West 14-chip sample set has a playable face value of $31,654.80
  • The highest-value Key West denomination is the $25,000 chip. We've sold 452 of them.
  • The most popular Key West chip is the white $1 chip. We've sold 3,174 of them. The second most popular is the $100, with 2,762 sold.
  • The state with the highest number of people who own Key West chips is now California, with 20.
  • Delaware, the second-smallest state in America, has six players who own Key West chips (including me).
  • The largest private collection of Key West chips is a player in Colorado with 2,041 chips.
  • The company keeps approximately 14,000 chips in stock to sell.
  • There is one set of Key West chips in Key West, Florida.
  • There is one set of Key West chips aboard a U.S. Navy ship, and one set was delivered to a military member serving in Afghanistan.
  • Only one Key West chip denomination has ever been "retired." It was the charcoal and red $20 chip made by ASM, Portland. Fewer than 300 were made.
  • All but 200 of the blue-on-blue Key West NCV chips were made by Old ASM in Portland before owner Jim Blanchard retired.
  • The company "gimmick" is that the casino doesn't exist, and never existed, but it's run like it was a real casino. We have a short list of people with whom we won't do business. We call that file, "Casino Security."

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