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Feb 1, 2018
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MasterClass is offering a buy one get one free Annual Membership. Anyone interested in doing this? Would be $90 a piece and we would have our own memberships. I'm mainly interested in the Negreanu and Ivey classes and Aaron Franklin's BBQ class. I know my son would love the Steph Curry basketball tutorial as well.
Anything in there about Heads Up play? I am finding NL Heads Up the most interesting form of poker right now.
I’ve had MasterClass for a few months now and can definitely recommend it! Just started the Negeanu course. The Chris Hadfield Teaches Space Exploration has been the highlight for me thus far. Have done a few of the Gordon Ramsay recipes as well, which have been really well laid out and turned out well too.
I got this deal and am really enjoying Masterclass! They do a good job of balancing beginner play as well as more advanced play. Might be a little lacking for the more advanced but simply hearing from some of the best makes up for it. I have finished both Negreanu and Ivy's lessons.

Unfortunately there is no specific lesson regarding heads up play :(
Is this You buy a masterclass membership then you can see ANY class there is or do you have to pay for each different one? Say for instance we buy it for the 90 you use it for the poker can I use it for Glassblowing? ( just throwing out something completely different than poker. I don't even know if its a thing there.)
You buy an all-access membership for $180 and then you get a code you can send to another person and they get a 1 year free all access free membership. Essentially you can split with someone and pay $90 for a membership for one year. After that, it will renew for each person at $180 a year if you continue.

So far, I have watched Negreanu's class and I just started Ivey's. My son has watched some of the Steph Curry series (I can't imagine having a Michael Jordan MasterClass when I was a kid, lucky punk) and I've also started Aaron Franklin BBQ class. Good stuff so far, nothing earth shattering from the poker side of it. Negreanu's seems more put together and structured, Ivey's is more like 30 min segments where he just goes off on tangents but still awesome listening to him go through hands and what he was thinking.

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