Machinelf checking in (1 Viewer)

Hey MeridianFC! That set sounds vaguely familar, but I can verify that I did NOT create the artwork for it. I even did a deep search on my files here in case it was just my memory failing . :LOL: :laugh:

Sorry! Wish I could have found some old shit for you, but alas.
Thanks for looking I really appreciate it. The most frustrating part about this is at some point in the past I saved a picture of it but just cannot remember where
You know this set looks really, really close to "The Grove" set I was inquiring about. IIRC that set only had 4 or 5 denoms and different fruit (a plum sticks in my head for some reason) on each one, but the vibe was very much like this (vintage image and typeface styles). For some reason I think the owner was from West Virginia.

The Orchard ASM chips Machinelf design.png

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