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Just here to say that any specific set can stack well or not. I have Paulsons that are wobbly(ish). I could probably go 40 in a single stack even though that's not my particularly style (I'm team barrel pyramids or whatever). I find the bigger issue is not the relative stability of any quality chip, (Paulson, CPC, TRK, BCC, BRPro, Matsui etc.*) but how stable your playing surface is and how rambunctious your players are. Stack bricks 40 high but you've got drunken apes** at your table those bricks are going to fall.

*Yes some are better than others but come on.
**I am a drunken ape so can confirm this is true.
I don't think you need to worry about Tikis or indeed any BrPro ceramics stacking.

Pics stolen from @detroitdad & @Captnmorgan


These stack wonderfully. The game pics that @Darson posted were from a 4/8 limit game. We routinely had stacks like that. No issues what so ever!

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