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Apr 2, 2020
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Hattiesburg, MS
Hello, all. I bought this poker chip at a golf course and I really enjoy the feel of it. Possibly trying to find a set of them. It has rounded edges and has a magnet on the inside. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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I believe these are ball markers made to look like poker chips and they aren't actually available in a set. Especially if it sticks to metal surfaces. Some mass produced chips have metal inserts embedded for weight but I've never heard of a chip having a magnet inside, which is why I think it's manufactured for ball marking specifically.

If you did have a bunch of chips with magnets, the negative and positive sides would repel causing real issues when stacking or general use overall.

For a chip with a similar feel, most mass produced chips that aren't 100 plastic are likely comparable. I will tell you that once you get a set of chips and start to use them, you will likely find that rounded edges aren't desirable as they can make it trickier to break down (and count) since it's tough to get a grip on without a sharp edge. Every one has different tastes however. I'd recommend getting samples of chips that look nice before committing to a set.

Check out the Vendor section of the website. As well as the poker chip Pr0n section for a visual on the many many different types of chips available. You'll likely be surprised to see how deep the rabbit hole of poker chips goes. Welcome aboard!
I bet that the mass-produced 8-stripe promo style chips are similar to what the OP is about. Heavy slugged suckers at about 14g. You'd probably want to give those a complete pass when you start looking at pictures of members' customs and obsolete real casino chips that are here.

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