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Nov 6, 2014
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sitting behind stacks
Playing 1/2 (5 to go) PLO last night.

Cast of characters: EP is an older Asian guy who appears to have a heavy tilt factor. I don't know him, but people at the table were making "fasten your seatbelts" type comments when he sat down an hr earlier. He has gotten a couple stacks in via suspect means and is playing $800ish off of maybe $1000 to $1500 in buy-ins.

BTN is the same reg having a rough week as in the first thread. He quickly got into the game for three bullets of $500, but is playing nearly $2k now.

SB: me, playing $2900 on $1250 in buyins. Playing my usual style of wanting to see tons of flops and try to outplay people post and/or just outgamble the shorter stacks.

The hand:

I don't remember the exact action, but I 3-bet to $155 with AsKsAh3h and got five callers. Two players not mentioned are playing around $2k, but are usually non-factors post-flop $935 in the pot.

Flop 4h7sTs.

This is complete LOLstacks at 1/2 PLO. The 1/2 PLO at Foxwoods plays with effective large stacks of $600-$1K. Where is this game? Are you playing PLO in Heaven?

I'm assuming that the preflop action with these stacks is semi-normal and given your image, your $155 pre doesn't announce that you have AAxx. It's as dry a flop as we can hope for with AA and you have the nut flush draw (though having both the As and Ks might kill some of the action that we'd otherwise get if someone had KsXs).

I'd bet $500 and fasten my seatbelt.
I think Hero is pot committed. Bet pot, call jams. EP can't even cover the call. The rest of the villains have enough back to make micro raises which Hero would snap call.

Expect variance -=- DrStrange
Yes, semi normal. A couple ppl will put me on aa a few ppl know I will do that with a wider range if I don't expect the whole table to call (which I didnt)
There is usually a 10-25, 5-10, 5-5, and 1-2 with two of one or more levels going on mondays. We got smacked in the face by a snow storm so the field was light and only the 1-2 and 10-25 were going. I played with guys trying to re buy with pumpkins and with a plo bracelet winner last night. (He wasn't in this hand)
Not to speak for bergs, but I've been noticing that a lot of people are more likely to put their stack In the middle with a raise instead of a call, even if it is effectively the same action in extreme spots like this.
Obv no way we aren't stacking off here. I'd go ahead and pot it (or very close - maybe $850 or something) - wraps and pair + open ender type hands have pretty good equity against us and I don't really want to give them enticing odds.
I bet 435. Tilt factor shoves for his 700ish. Tilt factor #2 on the button quietly says "all in" - about 2k total.

Anyone entertain a fold here ever?
i don't think you can fold. you have spades, backdoor hearts, backdoor wheel and broadway draws (though the wheel will very rarely be good bc 5 will smack the wrap), two aces, and the possibility of counterfeiting someone if the made hand jamming is two pair. and then there's the exceedingly rare times your hand is good now and holds up. it's close-ish, but i'm getting it in.
I've only seen you fold once in all the hands we played together. Is this a trick question? [emoji12]
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Never folding. Even in the absolute worst-of-the-worst case scenarios you are over 20% to scoop the whole pot (close but not quite good enough to call,) and that depends mainly upon BTN holding exactly a set and 9s8s - as long as that isn't the case, you are in much better shape (possibly VERY good shape.)
I bet 435. Tilt factor shoves for his 700ish. Tilt factor #2 on the button quietly says "all in" - about 2k total.

Anyone entertain a fold here ever?

I saw the words "Tilt Factor" and "Tilt Factor #2" and then word fold and I blacked out. Like the lawyer dozes off during proceedings and wakes up letting "I OBJECT", I just came too and screamed "POT POT POT ALL IN OK"
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Great flop for your hand, bloated pot, and you are a strong favorite (for Omaha this is 60%+) over combo draws such as straight/flush, with or without pair. Shovel it in.​
Spade ball, turn pocket. Complete blank on the river. Booked a 10 buy-in win.

No doubt on the variance in the game... last night I couldn't ever find a way to win a hand and dropped six buy-ins.

This is the best 1-2 game in the history of the world.
and in another example of the variance in this game... was playing in tonight's 5/5 PLO and I get AAJ5 and get in late position, play it a little tricky and find myself in a good squeeze spot to 4 bet to $475 pre-flop, and it's not a "my cards are face up" situation with the betting action. I get one caller, flop AK7 rainbow. Bet 1k, get it in vs KK. K on the river. 6k gone.

Not worthy of it's own thread and really not worth reading. Just a quick minor *sigh*.
Yeah... I've got to be honest, I've lost bigger pots, but that one hurt. I was planning to drive up to Columbus to play 5T plo tonight, went to a basketball game with a buddy instead to give my heart a break from this crazy ass week.

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