Label over Cache Creek 1s as 5s (1 Viewer)


Two Pair
Aug 7, 2019
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Just double checking that I am able to label over cache creek 1s to turn them into 5s. I coulda swore I read somewhere that something about them made it hard to do something but I can't find it anywhere on here anymore. Plan is to do a Vegas house mold set and use those as my workhorses for a .50/1 or 1/2 game
In all seriousness, the only thing I can think of that would make label overs difficult would be if the chip faces are worn down enough that.

That being said, I had the same idea (as I'm sure many did) with the CC$1s. Was thinking of the Mirage $3 for a $20. What's your plan?
Yep Mirage 3 as a 20 was also my plan. I haven't given it a ton of thought yet simply because I'll have to wait for casinos to reopen to get a 2-3 racks of cache creeks.
I knew there was something out there! Just couldn't remember what it was. I have no experience with gear labels or label overs. Am I correct in assuming that a label over would not work well on these?

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