KK in SB, Shallow-Stack Cash Game (1 Viewer)

No need to be bashful about limp-3betting. You'll be out of position so you'll want to be stronger than a typical 3bet, but that doesn't mean you have to dial it all the way up to AA. You just need a hand that's ahead of the field's opening range, with a modest boost for being OOP. And you need some confidence that it's not going to limp around and ruin your trap. Plus, you can preserve your option - if early position opens (which is strong) then you can just call, if late position opens (which has a wide range) then you can 3bet.
Sometimes I wonder if it would be good to balance your backraise range with hands that you wouldn't mind seeing a cheap flop with, but that have solid equity (and deception value) against traditional big hands.

That way, if it limps around when you have that hand, cool. You won't be upset about seeing the flop. If it gets raised in a spot where the backraise doesn't make sense anymore, you can dial it down to call/fold instead. But if the stars line up just right, and you see an inviting spot for a backraise, you can pull the trigger.

If you take down the pot, great. It was just a speculative hand anyway. If you get called, play the hand post-flop with the knowledge that your opponent has a hand worthy of calling a backraise (and will have a very hard time predicting you have :6c::7c:). If anyone comes over the top, easy fold, and it'll set you up to get action next time you do this with aces.

TBH, though, I don't do a whole lot of backraising anymore.

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