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Jun 25, 2020
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South Carolina
So I posted for the first time the other day to introduce myself and ask a question about replacing felt. There were a couple replies asking for chip pRon since I mentioned I had some custom ASM’s. So thought I would oblige here, but keep in mind these are circa 2007/08 and what ASM was offering at the time (ie I know there are lots more edgespot options these days). Anyway, since I was Chiptalk-ing back then, I was able to use J5 for the inlay graphics and the general idea was an old school, very basic design, combined with some family connection (the first letter of my surname and the first letter of my kids first names. Also, since ASM has an A-mold, that worked out well:)
I have cash and tourney sets, but admittedly the tourney set doesn’t get much use and I know they need to be oiled. Forgive me!
For the cash chips, I recall the inspiration for red chip was a Rincon Casino $5 chip and I also really liked the Bellagio $20 chip and tried to make a gold chip to look something like that. Anyway, here’s a few pics, as well as the before and after of table re-felt. Also a pic of me in a prelim WSOP event, just a bit more personal “hello” to all you chip/poker freaks (it takes one to know one, right?). Chanman’s video of replacing the felt was SUPER helpful, thanks!! My new felt is basic, and after spending some time on Chanman’s gallery page I want a new dye sub one already:)
Oh, the Tubros Poker Tables is a silly way of saying Two Brothers. Built the table with my brother:). We are rank amateurs.




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