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Jun 19, 2014
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I can't find any evidence of an existing Garden City dealer button, which is a shame. I'd take a shot at vectorizing the inlay if two buttons are spoken for. I think it's a closed casino, so we should be clear for using the art.
I went ahead and started on a concept, relying heavily on a high res scan. Still need to clean up the graphics before print, but the design is there.


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GC $20 v2.jpg

I've addressed the main logo, though there's still some things to clean up. JPG is showing some compression, but the colors are solid in GIMP. The floral border is going to take some serious hours... and it still won't be a CMYK .ai file. I'll keep updating.
GC $20.jpg

I've come far enough that I'll be sending my file to Sal at OWPS and ordering at least 5 60mm buttons this week. The edge will say DEALER and probably have a small version of the "heart/club" logo in red and blue as a separator. I'd like to have 2 or 3 for myself, so interest with quantities would be helpful. Price will be $4 plus shipping.
Save one for Jeff, just in case he isn't aware of or watching this thread. I'm good for it.

Very nice work, btw.
Count me in. I will take a button. Ditto on the artwork.
great work! Will you share your process for creating the final artwork?
I started with a 1200 dpi scan of a $20 chip using my 10 year old Epson all in one printer/scanner. I pasted it into a layer in GIMP, and cropped, straigtened, and set the white area to #ffffff. I kept duplicating that layer, isolating individual design components and creating bezier paths using the dithered original as guides. The ink dropper tool with a 9 pixel radius provided a starting point when I picked a solid color for a dithered area. For the border, I just did a quarter of it and mirrored it twice. I can share some more tricks I figured out later.
I guess I'll keep the process discussion here, so the order thread doesn't get too full of junk. The inkscape conversion to .svg is going well. I just have the drop shadow on "GARDEN CITY" to do before I start to tackle the border elements. I spent a lot of time making the text less janky. If I do something like this again, I'll start in inkscape from the beginning. The path modification tools give you better control, especially the ability to force a point to be either a corner or have symmetric curvature. I think the key to good results has been to use as few points as possible, making sure the corners are set where you want them. I haven't had a lot of luck trying to use any of the automated features. It's kind of crazy, but I'm trying to get things so they would look acceptable even on a table felt.
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