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this is not true

I’ve spent a fair amount of time on chainsaw forums and this is the conventional wisdom.

As I understand it, a gas saw sort of pulses, and the fibers used in chaps etc. clog it up and stop the chain, while the continuous motor and torque of an electric is not as immediately stopped.


All that said, you’re probably better off having something on besides just jeans.
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This all reminds me of a video I saw a few months back, discussing tension and compression when cutting. Be safe out there!
I put the chainsaw to work yesterday


To use the word chainsaw for the EGO is a misnomer. The EGO is so far removed from the gas powered chainsaws of the 80's that it should have its own separate category. It is like comparing a hammer to a nail gun. The EGO is quieter than I imagined and it makes a smooth cut effortlessly.


Used the wench on the four wheeler to pull out the stump. The length of wood in the center of the picture is the second section from the base of the stump. Behind it are the branches to the tree de-limbed and sawed to length.


My next door neighbor helped with the clean up by bringing his wood chipper over. We put the roots of the tree next to the chip pile. He went home with half a pickup load of firewood. The wood lying on the ground and against the tree in the top two pictures is what remains for him to pick up.

The EGO is almost childproof. Great for doing maintenance around the property. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase and the chainsaw's performance.

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