I know nothing about folding tables. Is this worth $50? (1 Viewer)


Jan 4, 2017
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Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
I've built about 10 tables so I can do any upgrades necessary, but I've never bought a table so I know nothing about relative quality. I need a portable table for some friends who want to host, will probably only be used 3-4 times a year, and I just don't feel like building another table at the moment. Is this worth $50 for a light-duty, portable table?

It's not worth much more than that imo -- they wear out quickly, tend to sag in the middle, and cannot be refurbished (rail or felt). Construction method is mostly glue-based.
Thanks to all who answered.

I ended up buying it. It was way sturdier than I expected, no wobble or sagging at all. The rail had some tears in it which I considered just covering with some black tape, seeing as the table will only see occasional use. But in the end, that just isn't my style.

Very crappy OE rail construction. Vinyl stapled to the table, along with some banding-tape (for rigidity?), wrapped around some foam and stapled to the underside of the table. Just a matter of pulling all of the staples to remove it.


New rail, attached with T-nuts, and new playing surface, for good measure:


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