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Full House
Feb 13, 2018
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Murfreesboro TN
After about a year, I finally hung this up!


After about a year, I finally hung this up!


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Looks fantastic! Glad you are enjoying the print!

Sorry for the late response... other things on my mind lately (like many others here).

Everyone be safe... certainly not planning on a home game or meet up soon... sadly!

We are hunkered down in Indio, CA for a month... or two while things sort themselves out. Have luckily been on vacation and no problem self isolating. Doing a lot of hiking and playing a fun par 3 at the www.motorcoachcountryclub.com (not a bad place to wait out the end of the world!)

Suppose to head back to the ?friendly skies? on Saturday.... we shall see!

Love all of you and hope all are taking this VERY seriously ... most of you are REALLY old! :nailbite::cool


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