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Dec 19, 2014
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Eggenwil / Switzerland
As Î have showed in another Thread I have a new cash game set.
200x 10c
200x 50c
200x $2
100x $5

(15x plaques à $20 and 5x plaques à $50 are on the way)

How is the best breakdown for 10 players limits 0.20/0.50?

How many chips can I sell if not needed?
I like full racks so the amount of chips is perfect. You want about 15 chips per player for the blinds do this will work well
Are you keeping them in rack, or a case? A case for 700 chips and plaques is a rarity.

If you want to chop it down, I think this will play OK with 100x 10c and 100x 50c, which will reduce you to 500 chips, and then you have a lot of choices on cases. (Assuming you're playing no-limit with .20/.50 blinds. If you're playing .20/.50 limit, that's... pretty unique.)

I wouldn't reduce the $2 or $5; I'd expect to get them all into play. Rarely, if your players are tighter, but fairly often if they like to rebuy - and I can see you getting plaques in play.

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