Horseshoe Cleveland - Paulson 36mm Tournament Set (Non-WSOP) (2 Viewers)

Thanks for taking quick pictures. I really wish the hundos were at least gray. And it's not like you could even substitute them for another Paulson with custom labels to match because of the smaller size

Yeah the brown does take a little getting used to, but honestly it mixes well with the lighter colors of the rest of the set. A gray/dark color in a pastel set would throw it off a bit. I considered picking up some of the WSOP T100s to label, but ultimately decided against it not only because of the additional cost but just because I don't think it would blend well.

I'm not sure why the inlay of the chip is red while the chip is more of a brown though. It did look a little more like a reddish brown once I cleaned them (like a clay tennis court) but it settled back into a light-ish brown once the chips dried.

I still need to decide what to do with these pink buy-in chips too.
I see that we are little must to have bought fleas(chips) 36mm.
In France we are 3 has in credit note...
And here I see that your photos and that of David.
Nevertheless everything the sets were sold?

Of my quoted(esteemed) I am really satisfied by the 36mm in spite of my big fear of departure.

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