Hi I am new here I am hoping someone can help identify some chips I have :) (1 Viewer)


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Apr 2, 2023
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Hi I am in Los Angeles California and I have some what seems to be authentic chips - i am trying to find if they are from an up and running current gaming / casino.
I attached some images hoping someone may be able to help me with name and location where I can cash them in - God Willing! I could really use the $$$ right now!
I have tried searching google lens etc- They Say CLUB 52 With a Flaming Spade logo backdrop on the face and print club 52 on rim I did open one up the clay gave way to metal disc center - They are NOT from Melborne FL "Club 52" poker and card casino- I verified with them and they are not the same logo.
if anyone knows an app or a resource I could look them up to find location where they come from - Any help will be appreciated :)
Thank You and have a Great Day!


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Looked like some homegame or underground games chips rather than authentic casino chip to me

The $1/$5 is 8 striped metal slugged plastic and $20/$100? is ceramic chip
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