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Sep 6, 2013
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Prince George, Virginia
I am starting a new restaurant/bar poker league and would like advice on the best poker chip to purchase for tournament play. This is a FREE Texas Hold'em league. Players will be eligible for weekly prizes and there will be seasonal tournaments for cash prizes.

I have been researching chips for weeks and I am not sure what is the best chip to purchase.

I want a good clay chip that is 9-11 grams with denominations. Ideally, I wish I could afford to purchase custom chips with my logo, but that is not an option right now. There is another league in the area that uses the King's Casino chips, so I don't want to use the same chips.

I am estimating that initially I will need to purchase three (3) 1,000 piece sets...
Black ($100) = 400
Purple ($500)= 200
Yellow ($1,000) = 300
Pink ($5,000) = 100

Please recommend chips and the best place to purchase.

Thank you :)
How many players will you have for each tournament? What will your starting stacks be? How much are you willing to spend? Do you have samples of any chips yet?
Any concern about players bringing in chips from the outside? Custom ceramics would be the way to go IMO.
Any concern about players bringing in chips from the outside? Custom ceramics would be the way to go IMO.

Agree with the above, except I would also be concerned about people taking them home if they are too expensive.

Oh and as for where - check with Joe at PGI or Sal at Old west.
You could always get cheaper blanks and have your own labels made so you wouldn't have to worry about people bring in chips from the outside.
I am thinking about a starting stack of 8,500 with bonus chips being offered. Will typically have about 20-30 players at each venue. I realize there is the possibility players can take chips home and/or use them for the big tournament, but that is not a big concern right now. My budget to start is between $600-800 total for three 1,000 piece sets. The less expensive the better because have to purchase table tops, cards, etc.

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If this league does well, I will eventually invest in custom chips with my logo, but I do not want to invest the money until I see how well it does. Also, I would have a hard time re-selling the chips if I ever wanted to.
These are .14 cents each... (sry I had to plug these - I like these slug chips)

^ you mean $0.14 each or 14c each.

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OP, you say 20-30 players at each venue. Will each venue host tournaments at the same time? How many players will you need to accommodate at one time? 3000 chips seems like an awful lot.

Also, with your lowest denom being 100, I'm assuming you are going to start your blind levels at 100/200. That's only 40-some big blinds to start. I realize this is a free tourney and these are rarely structured well in my experience. I would experiment at You can adjust the number of players, starting stacks, tournament length, blind levels, etc. to give you a pretty decent start on a blind structure.
If your set on starting with 8500 in chips I would look at getting 25$ chips and not getting any 5000$ as you don't need them for that few people. Or only get a few 8500x30 is only a total bank of 255,000. If you start with blinds 25/50 thats 170bb, starting stacks of 8/8/5/5 (25/100/500/1000) Get a few extra 100's and 1000's for chip ups. You only need to buy 240/300/150/180/then you can get 30 5000's for a total bank of 441,000 and only 900 chips total. With eliminating 100 chips and having spares you can save money or spend more per chip. Then you can get chips like these china clays. All very nice chips especially for the price.

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