Help me, I create a set of chips hotstamp. (1 Viewer)


Full House
Apr 24, 2013
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France Nord
For the moment I have 300 tokens,

100 stardust ( for 5 or 10 cts ). I like very much the color

25c jokers are very nice " original engraving ". They are in good condition VGC but asks a small cleaning I am a little afraid of damaging the stamp! You have advice(councils)? "

$1 claim stake, MINT, the blue(bruise) is great! Spots(spotlights) are discreet.

For the continuation(suite), I would like:

50c solid of joe longhorn yellow or virgin to rivet pink(rose) could be nice but to see..
$2, $2.5 or $5 with spots(spotlights)! Tropicana $5 red with spots(spotlights) discreet would be completed! I have thought of putting plates(patches) dragonara lm5

If you have to sell chips for me! Contact I.;)

Really like the jokers chip, Almost bought a couple racks off eBay.
I have cleaned hot stamped chips with a short oxy clean bath and scrub with a soft brush and didn't have any problems with the stamp chipping or fading.

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