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Feb 27, 2023
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Quebec, Canada
Been lurking for a while and decided to finally register. All these photos probably spread the chipping virus :)

I had a tournament/cash set of yin yang, cheap 0.20 cents per chip for the past 15 years. Decided to finally complete the set with extra high denoms, birdcage and was kinda bummed out by the drop in quality in the ones I got now. Looking around I found PCF, basically the only place to find tons of info with pics on chip quality. All this led me to order samples from BRPro, those DDLM look so nice and vibrant :)

Also, I'm from Quebec, Canada and my first language is french. Pardon me in advance for syntax errors :)
Salut et bienvenue à toi !
But be careful here you can easily move from 0,20 cents a chip … to $4 a chip… and find this totally normal :LOL: :laugh:

Your English is better than most Americans’. :p
Welcome &

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