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May 7, 2020
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I have surfed this site and chiptalk for the last few years ... stopping by every so often
looking at all the beautiful designs and then realizing I really couldn't afford to indulge.

I have a small collection of casino chips from poker rooms that I have played in
and it would be great to have a set of chips to recreate some of that experience at home

I would also like to help out the artisan businesses (like Classic Poker Chips) - hopefully they can survive through this

Hope everyone is doing well in these trying times

All the best
Hello and welcome!

From what I've heard, CPC is still operating and doing okay. I expect they will survive this temporary economic downturn.

There are good options available for all budgets. Just keep searching, keep learning, and keep asking questions. Samples!
Welcome! CPC makes wonderful chips, I believe they are worth every penny. If you're looking for something more affordable keep an eye on the classifieds, weve been having some great sales lately. Are you looking for tourney or cash?
poker chips.JPG


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