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Dec 11, 2020
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Los Angeles
Hey everyone, Chipbeer here. I joined a few years ago and thought I’d pop back in and say hello. I wanted to join PCF after watching Hobbyphillic’s videos and realizing there weren’t many places to buy Paulson’s.

So I joined and started building the Paulson Classic set that I absolutely adore. I would also love to start my Aurora Star and Bud Jones collections.

I pop in and play at the local LA Casino every now again and happy to consider playing at a home tournament game if you guys know one that’s good in the LA area.

Anyway, feel free to dm if you want to connect and talk poker chips or poker strat.

See ya guys,
Welcome back. What part of LA are you in? It's a big place. Lol. There is a great tournament league up in Santa Clarita, but don't know how that works for you distance wise....

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