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Apr 5, 2020
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Hello PCF... I’m a new member on the site and already really enjoying all the good information on this community.

Just moved back suddenly from Hanoi, Vietnam, with my wife and 3 kids (5, 8, 11 - boy, girl, boy). It was all pretty hectic, we managed to leave Hanoi the night before they shut the airport for COVID-19.

Getting resettled in North Houston, and my kids are loving poker now... I told the wife it helps with their mathematics skills and game theory!

Look forward to participating in the forums alongside you.

Crazy story man! Welcome to this awesome sanctuary, I joined just a few short months ago and have learned so much! Everyone on here is crazy supportive and nuts about chips (in the best possible way!) Hopefully you’ll get as much out of this site as I have, especially in these trying times. Best, Dutch
@BusinessAzUsual doesn't mess around, he is starting out with a nice set of Majestics, which will be on their way to him later today!

Welcome aboard Brandon!
Welcome! Glad you and your family returned safely! Enjoy the poker, it's great for the whole family!

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