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Jul 22, 2015
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Hi everyone;

20+ years ago went to vegas for the first time, and got a feel for Paulsons...nothing compares for me since. I'm sure the Paulson vets agree with me. Anyway, hoping to complete a set I started of Paulson Classics....need 75 more $100 black chips if anyone knows where to find some...First post,so I can't post in classifieds...but thought I might ask around in the meanwhile. May the cards be in your favor (unless I'm playing you).

Welcome to Poker Chip Forum!
Welcome aboard, I'm sensing there might be enough CO PCFer's for a game soon. ;)
Welcome! I found my first set of classics here. This is a great forum to be on and I hope you find your chips.
Welcome to PCF,
you must be aware that once you've finished the Classic set, you'll need a new set ! A Paulson Casino Set :)

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