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Mar 5, 2021
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Charlotte, NC
Just recently got into poker chips (but always enjoyed casual poker/blackjack games) by way of wanting to build out my personal game collection.
I had a bottom of the barrel set from a video game tournament prize years ago and decided since I'm working on some wooden poker chip trays (avid woodworker) I needed something a little nicer. Some basic research later I ended up with a smallish (450) set of Tiki Kings because I liked the family friendly design with its nice quirky details. Currently finishing up 8 poker chip trays made out of Spalted Maple (post in trays forum). I've also got a sample set of china Casino Royale, a couple individual real casino chips (Bellagio and Mirage), and just placed an order for a rounders sample set (CSQ mold) just to have something to toy with when I'm sitting my desk working (programmer).

Anyhow look forward to sharing in the enjoyment of this fine hobby.
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