Happiness is . . . finding $400 in the change fund. (1 Viewer)


4 of a Kind
Nov 9, 2014
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Outlet Mall in San Marcos
I keep an obsessive amount of change on hand to make sure there is never a problem closing out the night. It is a 4 inch high stack of small bills worth maybe $400 +/-. I keep it with my "real" poker money in a 1930's vintage safe (5' x 3' x 2' and heavy enough to require three men to move it empty.)

So I am setting up for tonight's game - micro stakes Pot Limit Omaha - and go to get enough change to run the game. What do I find mixed into the $1 bills? $400 in twenties. I can't quite figure how that happened and me not notice it before, but it was a nice start for the night. And given the limits for the game, it is impossible to lose that much tonight.

For those who care, we are playing with President on the Admiral chips tonight -=- DrStrange
Nothing like finding extra cash lying around whether it's $400 or $20 in your pant pocket. PCA secondaries are some of my all time favorites. Sounds like a good time!

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