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Nov 9, 2014
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Outlet Mall in San Marcos
Were are playing 1-2 live at our local bar. It is late, the food side of the business is closing but the bar and bar food stays open till midnight. We have a dedicated waiter who gets a $100 table tip plus what each player pays in tips. It generally works out to be $200+/- which is quite good for a waiter our neck of the woods. I'd guess we are buying $40+ in booze every hour but likely no more food since the deserts don't come from the bar menu.

At 10:00 the food manager comes up and says, "it is time for Henry to go home because we don't pay overtime". We ask how much and the manager says "we pay about $2/hr and overtime makes that $3/hr". A couple of the drinkers say they will pay the guy's whole wage if he can stay till close as it is a long walk to the bar and no one wants to miss a hand. Even so, the manager says Henry has to leave the property right now because "we don't pay overtime." (and I am not sure telling the customers you pat $2/hr is a good idea either.)

And so it is. Henry goes home and misses the last $20 in tips plus his $6 wage. The bar doesn't sell another drink to the table, missing out on $100 in bar sales (and likely ~$80 in profits). We are cranky because our dedicated waiter is gone for some silly reason. And the night manager is going to be unhappy because several of us know the owner and plan to tell him this story.

Grrrr -=- DrStrange

PS and don't get me started on food service minimum wage. Working our game might be worth $20+wages per hour but most nights in the off season are slow. The waiters likely don't get even $7/hr (tips included).
I thought of this after I read that... :)

Um... It's also possible that Henry had a life outside the bar and needed to leave, and the food manager was just trying to give him cover.

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