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Apr 19, 2023
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This is a rando spot for this, but I'm not on any other forums, so...

I got manic the other day and bought tickets to Yellawood. I'm not a Nascar fan, I don't watch it, I've never been to a race... but for some reason I've had Talladega on my bucket list. I'm curious if anyone has ever been. I have no idea what to expect on race day.

Really the most important thing is how much time do we need to leave ourselves to park and get to our seats? Is it possible to take an Uber and get dropped off at the door? Do they have Uber in Alabama (j/k...?).

On the off chance anyone has been, any advice would be much appreciated. Also any recommendations on local food.

We are also taking a side quest in Nashville. I've only ever driven through, so same thing applies. Food spots? Should we check out the Grand Ole Opry? I'm passed the days of distillery tours, so unfortunately not looking for those lol.

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