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Jun 5, 2015
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Hello all,

I first got interested in chipping when I really got into reenacting Old West games, in this case, Faro. After doing my research, I settled on a set of Six Stripe (Soprano) chips to complete the look of my Faro kit. That was years ago. Recently, I've taken that old interest back up again and with it, my love of chips.

This lead to this forum and the endless rabbit hole of research in search of "a perfect set" to compliment my kit, something better than what I already have. So, here I am, in for a new set and excited to be here. I look forward to future discussions!
how far back in to the woods of TN are ya, cuz I'm pretty deep in hicktown here(shelbyville)
welcome to the forum. Lock up your wallet. This place can get expensive

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