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Apr 5, 2015
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Not sure if this is posted in correct thread- sorry mods

Maybe I’m way late to the table on this one, I haven’t played online in years. I was bored looking for some cheap online poker as I’m tired of the other puzzle games I play to occupy my spare time. I thought I read somewhere that global poker was ok… so I threw $40 on it just to see what it was like. Not a ton of folks, but at first wasn’t bad… the more I play the more I feel like I’m playing bots.

After just a few days, I feel like I’m playing a computer game instead of against real folks. I’m thinking I may stay clear.

Like I said maybe this is old news, I just haven’t been in the online game in a while.

Anyone else playing here have any opinion?
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I haven't played on a public online poker site in ages for this reason. Basically every site is overrun with players using HUDs and/or GTO software. It totally ruins the game. It's basically tolerated cheating.

And this isn't even getting into the fact that you can't trust that people aren't colluding, that the site itself isn't compromised by cheats, or that you'll even be able to cash out your money in the end.

If you want to play actual poker against legitimate human beings, you'll have to play live, I'm afraid.
I have only put a few bucks on, I play $1-$2 sit n gos. They’re actually pretty soft the more I play. Switch over to the casino and watch the dealer hit 21 with his exposed 6 to my 20 over and over. (Sarcasm on) All feels so legit (sarcasm off) But the sit n gos are not bad, I’m only playing instead of playing solitaire. It will help my live game as the players online are trash and get my bad habits pegged. The live folks love to see me coming, plenty of action.

I’ve been playing a regular $1/2 and $2/5 at the casino 13 min from my house. I actually don’t do that bad, my wife on the other hand believes she’s figuring out their slots, she’s only upside down $4,000-$5,000. Since it’s a charity casino I may write her losses off….
Bump. I was curious if anyone was playing here. The games seem very soft. Because it's in a browser, it's not compatible with HUDs. That doesn't eliminate users with solvers but I strongly doubt they're running solvers at the micro and low stakes.

They run a nightly $11 progressive bounty KO MTT I enjoy. I'm having fun with it.
I was not a fan of the obvious bots filling seats. Haven’t played there in quite a while.

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