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Sep 20, 2017
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New Jersey
Hi All,

I just won this auction on Ebay. No one had bid on it so I thought I'd gamble and got these for a total of $27. I have a couple of decks of the Red & Blue Superflexes and like those. I also have the Gemaco Monte Carlos and @JMC9389 gave me a setup of the Gemaco Sextants which I generally like all the Gemacos I have. The ad for these did not say Superflexes but the Joker cards do, but my Monte Carlos do also have Jokers that say Superflex and they are not Superflexes for sure. I have never seen this Black/Red variant before. These are dated 11/30/07 and Super Index from the ace picture. I'm thinking the XS Logo on the backing of the cards does indicate they are Superflexes. Does anyone have any info on these? If I'm wrong I blew $27 which will not break the bank unlike if I spent $1500 on 500 Casino chips which are official casino weight and official casino size.



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