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SOLD [EU + World shipping] Arc yellow starbursts & Charcoal solids (1 Viewer)

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Sep 27, 2020
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Cologne, Germany
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Offering a rack of arc yellow starbursts and a rack of charcoal solids - milled -
arc yellow sb and charcoals-1.jpg

arc yellow sb and charcoals-2.jpg

Lot #1 -sold-
€500 + shipping
THC Arc yellow starbursts - please judge the condition by the pictures. I spread out a random barrel for you to see the condition of the hot stamps.
arc yellow sb and charcoals-4.jpg
arc yellow sb and charcoals-5.jpg

Lot #2
€220 + shipping
THC Charcoal solids
- milled - used to be fun nites. Please judge the condition by the pictures.
arc yellow sb and charcoals-3.jpg

Shipping (including tracking + insurance):
Inside EU: €13,99
Inside Germany: €4,79
To USA: €55,49 (including the premium for air transportation)

Racks shown on pictures are not included in the sale.

This is a dibs sale.

First response in the thread with "Dibs" or "I'll take them" or something of that nature (if you want them) or "PMing" (if you have questions) has priority.
Post in the thread before sending a PM, so that others can tell if still available.
"Dibs" means you are making a solid commitment to buy, at the posted price. Releasing is reneging.
Send follow up PM with your info if you "Dibs."

Tagging some arc yellow sb fans:
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Mar 21, 2019
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Cedar Ridge
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Love em! Thanks for the tag!

I’m all set with a couple racks of some arc yellow chips.

@joeyshin is the real arc yellow fan! He has an entire set themed with them!
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