eBay pickup. Burt hourglass mold.


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Dec 29, 2017
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Burnaby (Greater Vancouver), BC
One way to confirm that the chips were injection molded would be to take several chips and closely compare their edge spots. Edge spots made by compression molding will have minor variations from chip to chip, so that every chip is unique. Edge spots made by injection molding will be the same from chip to chip with high precision, so that every chip is identical. You can see this difference by looking very closely at some Paulsons and then some china clays.

I agree with this in general. However, it is possible to design in some "variability" in an injection mold process. The Bud Jones S2 chips I have clearly have some variability in "spot" sizes and shapes on the rolling edges of the chip. Likely they have been designed that way, but it gives the appearance of a bit of randomness in the process. It is a faux randomness, because the variations are likely repeated in the exact same pattern that you wouldn't quite notice in a random stack or splash pot


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Oct 26, 2020
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Just got the chips. Most are in fantastic shape; some show the years of dust. Edges are sharp. The condition of the hot stamps varies. 6 of the lavenders (which are darker than I thought they’d be) are broken. 1 has a significant chip. The two blacks, the red, and yellow are all in good shape.

I’ll post some pictures in a bit. I haven’t seen many hourglass molds up for sale. Still trying to figure out what I’ve got here.
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